SpiderWire Ultracast Braid Fishing Line, 328yd 30lb – Ultimate Braid-Moss Green


The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast! Made from 8 tightly woven 100% PE fibers, Ultracast effortlessly casts long distance while providing high strength and abrasion resistance, giving you the ultimate performance fishing line!

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SpiderWire Ultracast Braid Fishing Line

  • Advertised Diameter: .007″|.19mm
  • Advertised Length: 328yd|300m
  • Break Strength: 30lb|13.6kg
  • Color: Ultimate Braid-Moss Green
  • Model Number: SUCVP30-UB
  • Package Count: 1
  • SKU: 1507575
  • Superline Mono Equivalent: 10lb