Hogy Lure Company 4″ (.6oz) Charter Grade Squid Jig – HS Green


The new lineup of Charter Grade Squid Jigs from the Hogy Lure Company is designed for balanced visibility in a variety of conditions. Featuring a unique soft style paint finish which provides a natural feel to the jig body, encouraging squid to grab and hold. Lifelike legs feature 10X strong soft plastic for extreme durability. Sticky sharp stainless squid hooks grip and grab quickly. UV infused plastic and glow pigments entice bites from finicky cephalopods.

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Hogy Lure Company 4″ (.6oz) Charter Grade Squid Jig

  • 10X strong soft body legs for added movement and attraction.
  • Color: HS Green
  • Hard body for excellent balance and durability.
  • Imitative Bait Profile.
  • Keel weighted design for balanced horizontal jigging presentations.
  • Length: 4″
  • Model: HSJ1-GRN
  • Special soft paint finish for a more natural feel when the squid strikes.
  • Sticky Sharp Stainless Squid Tine Hooks.
  • Weight: .6oz