Adventure Medical Ben’s InvisiNet Head Net


InvisiNet is so sheer that even the mosquitoes won’t see it coming! At Ben’s, we believe you shouldn’t have to put a dark screen between you and the spectacular views you’ve ventured to attain, so sit back and savor the scenery while keeping the pesky bugs away. Ben’s InvisiNet is the perfect complement to a bottle of Ben’s Tick and Insect repellent, and at only .6 of an ounce, it’s easy to pack on every trip.

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Adventure Medical Ben’s InvisiNet Head Net

– Super High Visibility, Unimpeded Views: 20 Denier fiber knit, 14gsm with rhombus pore shape size of 1.0mm is nearly invisible!
– Intelligent Comfort Design: Drop neck design covers unzipped shirts and jackets to allow maximum ventilation in hot buggy conditions.
– Roomier Fit: For your favorite hat.
– Elasticized Crown: Keeps net in place on head or hat no matter your movement or wind speed.
– Draw Cord Elastic Neck: Ensures snug fit.