.22 BB/Pellet

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  • Crosman .22 Caliber Destroyer Pellets .22 BB/Pellet

    Crosman .22 Caliber Destroyer Pellets

    One of the most popular hunting pellet designs is now available in .22 caliber! This pointed expanding design wreaks havoc on game, with few follow up shots necessary for accurate shooters.

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  • Gamo .22 Caliber Raptor Performance Ballistic Alloy Pellets .22 BB/Pellet

    Gamo .22 Caliber Raptor Performance Ballistic Alloy Pellets

    The Raptor Performance Ballistic Alloy is the first non-lead Alloy Airgun Ammunition that increases velocity up to 25% over lead, while maintaining match grade accuracy. Specifically designed as a hunting load, the PBA enables airguns which normally shoot 1000 f.p.s. to shoot up to 1200 f.p.s., with tremendous penetration. PBA Raptor test results show ballistic stability at super-sonic speeds and up to 90% weight retention using the new semi-pointed design.

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