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  • Magtech 10mm Auto Ammunition 50 Rounds FMJ 180 Grains 10MM

    Magtech 10mm Auto Ammunition 50 Rounds FMJ 180 Grains

    Magtech ammunition is excellent high quality, practice and range ammunition that also performs well in matches and competition. These full metal jacket rounds are highly accurate and positive functioning for both target practice and competition. Each cartridge is assembled using the highest quality components, strict loading tolerances and rigorous quality control to produce consistent velocity and excellent accuracy. Magtech uses reloadable factory brass cases, clean burning propellants and non-corrosive staked primers with a sealed primer pocket. Magtech ammunition is economical so your range trips and practice time will give you more bang for your buck, literally!

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  • Hornady 10mm Hornady XTP JHP, Box 10MM

    Hornady 10mm Hornady XTP JHP, Box

    Handgun shooters looking for supreme accuracy and maximum knock down power have come to rely on Hornady Custom pistol ammo, loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet, our FMJ or FTX bullet. Every round of Hornady® Custom™ ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. At Hornady,® we manufacture Custom™ ammunition to give shooters and hunters the advantage of hand-loaded accuracy in a factory load.

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  • Sellier & Bellot 10mm JHP 180 Grain 50Rds 10MM

    Sellier & Bellot 10mm JHP 180 Grain 50Rds

    These refined 10mm Auto rounds are a suitable choice for self-defense either in the home or out in the woods with your favorite big bore pistol. Sellier & Bellot equips each cartridge with a 180-grain JHP (jacketed hollow point) bullet which is perfectly weighted for the caliber; this provides recoil on par with most practice rounds as well as consistent energy for reliable cycling in production handguns. The JHP has a skived jacket which integrates firmly into its wide-mouth cavity for remarkable expansion alongside deep penetration. This transfers exceptional energy to a target’s vitals for a more positive stop, whether it be a wounded and angry hog on the charge or a home invader.

    Each 10mm JHP is mounted into a brass casing that is free of burrs for smooth chambering and can be cleaned and reloaded after use. The brass casing is fitted with a non-corrosive Boxer primer that is free of mercury or caustic salts; this helps to preserve your bore and keep your handgun accurate over time. Sellier & Bellot is a Czech company with a track record for excellent products that are nearly 200 years old. Their American imports are respected for reasonable costs and dependable performance among competitors and hunters.

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