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Selling your firearms at The Sporting Shoppe is easy, and you can be sure you are getting a fair and honest deal. There are three sales methods from which you can choose. Each provides various benefits.

  1. Outright Sale to The Sporting Shoppe – This approach provides instant cash and peace of mind as the transaction will be completed in minutes after the firearm is evaluated by our buyer. (WE PURCHASE GUNS SIMPLY BASED ON BLUE BOOK VALUES).
  2. Consignment Sale – This approach will normally net you the most money for your firearm but you have to wait until it is sold to receive payment. There is a minimum brokers fee of $25.00 for a consignment sale.
  3. Trade in your Firearm – The Sporting Shoppe accepts trades toward the purchase of a new firearm. The trade prices are based on the latest Blue Book values. This is a fast and simple way to upgrade your firearm collection.

If you live close to Richmond, RI, the best approach is to bring your firearm(s) to our location (see map under “Contact”) so that we can evaluate them and help determine the best sale option for you.

If you do not live near The Sporting Shoppe, please give us a call at 401-539-4653. We can help you in various ways to simplify the selling process, from estimating the value of your firearm(s), to providing a shipping box with a convenient pre-addressed UPS call tag. (A UPS call tag sends a UPS representative to pick up your gun from your home.)

For more sizable collections, arrangements can be made for a personnel visit to your location.

Please use the form below to get started, and feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

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