Cooper Arms

Although still a young company, Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. has firmly placed its mark in the history of American shooting sports by having set a standard of quality formerly reserved only to custom gunmakers. Beginning in 1990 a handful of former employees from Kimber of Oregon, with over 50 years in combined experience, set out to design and build the finest production rifles made in the United States. With the development of the Model 36 TRP-1 (Target Rifle Project-Phase 1), and then the Model 38 in 22CCM in a traditional sporting stock design, the Cooper reputation for craftsmanship and accuracy had begun.

In 2009 under new ownership the company introduced its Model 54, a short action repeater, with improved quality guildlines and the same accuracy guarantee. After listening to many of our customer’s wishes, the company introduced the Model 56 in several magnum calibers in early 2010. With its sucess the Model 56 became the basis for the very sought after “Best of the West” Signature Model 560 featured in its very popular TV Show.

With a team of devoted craftsmen, a skilled design crew and a dedication to quality and customer service, the future of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. is guaranteed to continue at a level well above the competition.

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