Abel Zinger: Blue


Anodized T-6061 T6 aluminum body construction
Optional hidden screw attachment system
3 foot spectra/nylon retracting cord
Screws – 303 stainless steel
Made in USA

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Abel Zinger: Blue

Abel has streamlined, modernized and perfected the ubiquitous tool found on virtually every fly fisher’s vest: the zinger.  Used to hold nippers, clippers, de-barbing pliers, fly floatant, scissors or magnifying glasses, to name a few, within easy reach on a retractable spool. The 36-inch retracting cord is manufactured from a Spectra/Nylon blend with 40-pound test strength, ensuring an angler’s ability to reach wherever it is needed without breakage. Measuring 2.5 inches total and weighing one ounce, the spooling mechanism is housed in a machined stainless steel shell virtually impervious to the elements.

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